DIVISION PRESIDENT ($2.5B Prem, A+ Rated P&C Company):

“Our work with Tony Rizzuto has spanned more than a decade. Tony’s work product was and is exceptional. This was not ‘run of the mill’ actuarial work, but has required a good deal of invention and deep mathematical and modeling skills. Quite frankly, I have not encountered another actuary who has been able to add anywhere near this much value to our organization. Always very responsive and has kept our pricing and modeling ‘tuned’ for these many years. Also willing to meet with our internal staff and go thru all work and methodology. Has allowed us to do most work in-house but there when we need him (which we do pretty much every year). All was delivered on time, in compliance with contract terms and always below the initial budget.”


PRESIDENT ($50M Prem, Risk Ret Group):

“We have worked with Tony Rizzuto for over ten years. Tony continues to be responsive to our requests for pricing, modeling and analytics. More importantly, he continues to challenge and improve our thinking which has transformed our underwriting execution. With his assistance, we have deployed a broad range of actuarial methods and visualization tools that allow us to spot trends much more quickly. The result is that our claim frequency and severity numbers are substantially below our competitors and our claim trends have been persistently positive when the rest of the industry has seen them deteriorate. In over a decade we have not had a single issue with the delivery of products.”


EVP & CHIEF ACTUARY ($1.5B Prem, Intl Reins Broker):

“Tony and I were colleagues for several years, so I was well aware of his unique set of technical and business skills. Thus, at a subsequent employer, when the need arose for outside actuarial support, he was (and still is) the person I went to. His work product is just outstanding; not only technically superior, but also thoughtful, creative, insightful and most importantly, implementable. Always on time, and very fairly priced…using AVR is a very easy cost-benefit decision.”