Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in the areas below.


  • Actuarially reserved large accounts, captives, primary and reinsurance portfolios of US and international exposures including Actuarial Opinions from company and external Appointed Actuary perspectives.
  • Provided reinsurance pricing analysis for traditional and specialty P&C lines including review of program structure in collaboration with underwriting, claims, and accounting disciplines for cedents and for major reinsurers.
  • Performed technical review and testing of models and methods of insurance and reinsurance company clients.
  • Provided varied levels of training to client actuaries and other professionals, including formal classroom setting events.
  • Performed ratemaking and provided rate filing support for commercial package and general liability business. Assessed clients’ rating structure and parameters.


  • Developed custom stochastic reserving model that predicted future development of known and unknown workers’ compensation claims at the policy level.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented custom predictive UW model for professional liability insurer.
  • Built and implemented financial scoring algorithm for use in underwriting large account commercial casualty business.
  • Developed benchmark loss variability and diversification parameters according to line of business and volume of underlying exposures.


  • Facilitated and developed ERM Framework, Risk Identification/Assessment/Mitigation, Risk Monitoring and Reporting including Dashboard Development, and ERM Governance, and steered ERM as member of corporate ERM Committee of a global reinsurance company.
  • Developed and led all aspects of ORSA report for Bermuda, Europe and United States jurisdictions.
  • Built and enhanced Corporate Internal Capital Model (segmentation, parameterization and benchmarking of assumptions, aggregation, back-testing, calibration, reporting including ORSA, documentation, use test, governance and validation). Guided and reviewed modeling performed by clients.
  • Developed and operationalized risk-adjusted pricing (capital allocation) approach at the underwriting segment and account level.
  • Led and performed Stress / Scenario Testing of Key Risks, Including Cyber and Emerging Risks, fostering collaboration across disciplines.


  • Designed, built and implemented entire reinsurance pricing system, including experience rating, exposure rating and economic modeling components for most Commercial Casualty lines, including Commercial Auto Liability, Commercial General Liability, Workers Compensation and Professional Liability.
  • Built and deployed models and methodologies for workers’ compensation large deductible/SIR and retrospective rating.
  • Developed and implemented pricing, reserving and monitoring systems for both employers and clients.
  • Created algorithm to parameterize key actuarial assumptions, ensuring consistency between trend, severity and layer loss and count development assumptions.
  • Designed and built custom software to facilitate intuitive analysis of insurance data in a statistically valid manner.
  • Developed an expansive library of VBA functions, used to create custom actuarial/analytic tools and applications, increasing capability and efficiency for our clients.


  • Developed Capital Management function for employer and integrated capital management into capital, ERM, business planning, investment, reinsurance, underwriting, and other strategic decision-making.
  • Performed operational reviews of actuarial pricing and reserving, underwriting, and claim handling for employer and clients, targeting methodology, data, processes, cross-discipline coordination, and prospective information system requirements.
  • Participated in numerous operational reviews and due diligence projects for high profile US and international mergers/acquisitions. Involvement included independent actuarial analysis, assessment of assumptions, methods and work product, actuarial personnel and processes/workflow as well as review of the integration of actuarial/analytics across disciplines and throughout an organization. Worked within a multi-disciplined team to ensure a holistic understanding of operations and outcomes.


  • Developed and implemented capital adequacy monitoring and stress testing of BCAR, S&P, multiple regulatory, and internal capital models and integrated into business planning and capital management decisions-making.
  • Built support and negotiated regulatory approval for improved treatment in regulatory capital model.
  • Provided capital, solvency, and rating agency valued added services, including stochastic BCAR, to numerous clients. Provided education to increase client’s in-house capabilities and improve dialogue with stakeholders.